EXERCISE??? NO DIET ?? – Published paper review #2

Reference: Am Heart J.2012.” Exercise Effects On Lipids In Person with varying Dietary Patterns-Does Diet Matter If They Exercise?” Accessed 7th April 2013.http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/767936_4

An article informing others about EXECISING WITHOUT a new DIET definitely caught my attention.

Every time someone speaks about becoming healthier, you always hear,  “If you want results you need to diet! AND exercise!” Well this article says otherwise, with experiments to prove this statement.

In this article, I learnt that there is a condition called dyslipidemia. The term defines itself. An unusual lipid amount in the bloodstream. This is extremely dangerous because dyslipidemia can cause cardiovascular diseases.

It was proven that to reduce risk of this disease, lipid levels can actually be lowered only by exercise.


So, how was this proven?

A group of people who suffered from dyslipidemia were chosen for this experiment. They were placed in four groups, one serving as the control. They were instructed to maintain their feeding patterns for the entire trial. All groups were instructed to exercise over a period of nine months, with  specific requirements on how much kcal per kilogram body weight per week must be used.

The effects of diet (assuming exercise having the same impact for all groups) and exercise,(assuming this impact is the same regardless of diet) was investigated.

Also investigated was if the extent to which diet impacted lipids depended on exercise group to which one was assigned.

And what were the results?

The body weight of persons in the three groups deceased!

This justifies the statement that diet does not necessarily need to be altered. Once an exercise plan is implemented to reduce lipid levels, this should be adequate in achieving desired results.

Eating habits still are important, don’t misunderstand. Poor eating habits, those high in trans fatty acids can increase chances of developing cardiovascular disease. Cholesterol levels are crucial and must be monitored. Trans fatty acids add no nutritional value to you diet, and are 100% unhealthy. They are by-products, produced when liquid oils are converted to solid fats by hydrogenation. Hydrogenation converts unsaturated fatty acids to saturated fatty acids, by adding hydrogen atoms, causing fat to change from cis to trans fat.

An extremely poor diet, high in trans fats and sugars, worse than the diets individuals involved in the experiment can overcome the effects of exercise on reduce lipid level in the blood.

While you do not have to stress over your diet too much to maintain healthy lipid profiles, BE AWARE of the trans fat.


Thats it for now folks. Hope you enjoyed 😀


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