Although I am a first year student, I must admit that I had the most enthusiam for  Biochemistry. Mr Mattews did things differently, and these differences are what helped me to understand Biochemistry more than I expected before my first class. To begin with, TUTORIALS. Most tutorials we were separated into two groups and quizzed on the current topic to gain our 2% for course marks. I was nervous or my first tutorial. Mainly at being chosen to answer a question to which I did not know the answer to. And you can guess what happened at my first tutorial…. I arrived late :/ and was chosen to answer a question. To my satisfaction, I knew the answer, as well other answers to more questions. Why??Because the way tutorials were conducted encouraged me to always learn my course material. I kept on top of my work and revised my notes which I wrote from Mr. Matthews podcasts.

That leads me to another point. Mr Matthews posted his lectures on you tube. Upon hearing how notes would be available to myelearning, I was a bit uneasy and worried. Mr Matthews, during orientation class stated he would not be posting slides, instead videos. After listening my first Biochemjm podcast, I was so pleased, satisfied and excited. I was pleased and satisfied because these videos consist of my lecturer explaining each topic in detail. Its like actually being at a lecture. I was satisfied tremendously. I was able to understand my work even clearer because of these videos.  And I was excited to learn!!!

We were also quizzed reguarly. This as well reminded me to revise constantly.

Overall, I honestly enjoyed my experience as a biochemian during my second semester. I would like to extend a heartfelt gratitude to Mr Jason Mathhews on an excellent job well done. Kudos to you sir! I also enjoyed sharing this experience with my fellow biochemians. And for this I say Thank you.



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