The model organism chosen is the Drosophila melanogaster(fruit fly).

Model organisms are species that have been continuously studied. They are used to study diseases, development and genetics. It can be used help one understand pathways such as metabolic and biological pathways, and how they work, and these findings can be used to determine what may happen in other animals. The Drosophila melanogaster has been used to understand genetics. This is because this fruit fly has many mutant lines, which are easy to spot as they affect their morphology. The first mutation recorded was white eyes which, and along with Curly( c1) which causes wings to curve away from the body, and ebony(e1) which is identifiable by the black bodies of flies, serve as genetic markers.

The cell type chosen is a plasmatocyte, of the the Drosophila melanogaster  which functions in immune response and is found in the hemolymph.

I am a plasmatocyte of the Drosophila melanogaster, more commonly known as the fruit fly! I belong to a group of cells known as hemocytes .I resemble the mammalian monocyte. I derived from the head mesoderm, after which I entered the hemolymph as a circulating cell, where I am currently located. Hemolymph is the fluid of my circulatory system.  I am an immune defense cell, moving around the entire body in the hem lymph. My specific role is cell ingestion or phagocytosis, encapsulation and producing antimicrobial peptides.


I have pinocytotic vesicles which contains fluid being ingested into a cell  by endocytosis, which is to be released by me.  My vesicle was derived from the Golgi apparatus and pseudopods. I also have a pseudopod which has a locomotory function!


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